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The accompanying programme to the conference

As part of the After Conference, we offer participants the opportunity to take part in an online wine tasting of the award-winning Matthias Müller winery on Friday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. For this purpose, we have reserved a specially compiled wine package for you that you can order bindingly until 23.11.2020. For the shipment of the wine package and the participation in the online wine tasting we charge a contribution of 99,- €. 

The online wine tasting takes place in the modern ambience of the vinotheque of the Matthias Müller Winery and is accompanied musically in style by the group Wood Vibrations.

Winery Matthias Müller

The winegrowing tradition of the Matthias Müller winery goes back 300 years into the past. The family winery is located in the village of Spay, which lies in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Viticulture is the supporting pillar in this cultural landscape. The vineyards of the winery are located in Bopparder Hamm, one of the most renowned slate steep slopes along the entire course of the Rhine. Characterised by the minerality of the slate soils of the Middle Rhine, the wines are fruity and elegant as well as multi-layered and powerful. 

Matthias Mueller Winery Wine Tasting After Conference
Matthias Mueller Winery After Conference 1 - 4 wine bottles and two glasses standing on a stone

Matthias Müller is perhaps the greatest constant in the region between Bingen and Bonn. Already in the first years of the Gault Millau wine guide's publication he was our "discovery of the year". Almost 15 years later his great work is now being rewarded with the highest award, the honorary title "Winemaker of the Year".

Gault Millau wine guide


Wood Vibrations

Double bass meets saxophone - sometimes energetic and rhythmic, sometimes tender and delicate, always surprising and fresh. As Wood Vibrations, Hanns Höhn (double bass) and Thomas Bethmann (saxophone) accompany the online wine tasting on the highest musical level.

Stylistically confident, they let their current program, consisting of arrangements of pop and jazz titles, flow into the evening. The thoroughbred musicians virtuosically demonstrate the possibilities of the dialogue between these two fantastic instruments.

Wood Vibrations Artists
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Order Ticket


In order to ensure that the wine package is sent to the recipient's address in advance, the registration must be made by 23.11.2020 at the latest.

Delivery will be made three days after receipt of your registration. If you register by 23.11.2020 you will receive the wine package by 27.11.2020 at the latest.

The online wine tasting takes place on 27.11.2020 in the time from 19:00 to 21:00 o'clock via livestream.

For the virtual live tasting we use Zoom.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the winegrower talks about the origin, the aromas, suitable dishes and gives background information on each individual wine. 

In the live chat, questions can be asked directly to the winemaker. All questions about wine and enjoyment will be answered.

The evening event will not be recorded and can therefore not be watched in streaming afterwards.