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European Tax & Legal Forum

European Tax & Legal Forum is one of the network forum Tax & Legal Excellence annual conference. The digital conference is based on exclusive network meetings of members of the Forum of Excellence, acts as a link between representatives from politics, administration, justice, science and business, communicating their different points of view, and functions as a superordinate, international platform for networking among top decision-makers.

At the conference, you will gain valuable insights into interdisciplinary topics at the interfaces of tax, law and business. The involvement of interprofessional decision-makers creates the necessary environment of an open exchange of expertise to shed light on complex legal and economic issues. The central theme of this year's Annual Conference 2020 dealt with the consequences of the global economic crisis and the existing options for action in legal and tax practice. The two-day conference programme thus created an arc of tension between an economic reality check, entrepreneurial future prospects and legal and tax framework conditions in the European context.

mission statement

European Tax & Legal Forum is the leading digital conference for tax, law and business in the German-speaking world. In addition to interdisciplinary insights, conference participants will benefit from an excellent exchange of views and top-level digital networking. The European Tax & Legal Forum provides participants not only with pure streaming but also with interactive networking for personal exchange. New formats of interaction and information have been developed in order to achieve the added value that you as a participant are used to.

In addition, parallel workshops are held to discuss legal issues related to the topics discussed in the panels in a practical and solution-oriented manner. Participants are also given the opportunity to actively participate in the design of the event via elements of a barcamp.

In a time in which geopolitical risks are increasing, unlimited money supply is no longer a factor and digital algorithms determine the torque of a successful economy, interdisciplinary exchange among decision-makers provides orientation and clarity in the assessment of risks and also their opportunities.

Oliver Holzinger Tax & Legal Excellence

Oliver Holzinger

Lawyer & tax consultant, CEO / Founder, Tax & Legal Excellence

Voices on the conference

Dr. Thomas Toeben European Tax and Legal Forum
"It was without doubt a successful, excellent event and a great format."
Dr. Thomas Töben
Partner SMP
Dr. Marcus Zwicky European Tax and Legal Forum
"European Tax & Legal Forum: I was impressed by the selection of high calibre speakers. The plan to just let it run alongside the day job didn't work out - you just had to listen."
Dr. Marcus Zwicky
Partner, Zwicky Windlin & Partner
Kerstin Schulz European Tax and Legal Forum
"A successful event in these particular circumstances - I enjoyed it exceptionally."
Kerstin Schulz
Global Head of Tax & Customs, Beiersdorf AG
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bendlinger European Tax and Legal Forum
"This year's European Tax & Legal Forum conference was, in my view, the best online business, legal and tax event of the year. Developed by practitioners and designed for practitioners. Topical, excellent speakers and perfectly organised."
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bendlinger
Senior Partner, ICON Wirtschaftstreuhand
Orkideh Hamzavir European Tax and Legal Forum
"I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire team of this year's digital conference European Tax & Legal Forum. Both in the preparation period and during the 2-day conference, everything was perfectly organized and the constant competence of the experts with their future-oriented and interesting presentations were very enriching."
Orkideh Hamzavi, M.D.
Head of Legal Europe, LUKOIL Lubricants Europe
Bernhard Tinter European Tax and Legal Forum
"Two exciting, inspiring, insightful and, as far as the organisation is concerned, absolutely perfectly organised and smooth days. Just as impressive as the professional contributions of all speakers, was the professional organization of this event."
Bernhard Tinter
Director & Global Head of Tax, SAF-HOLLAND SE
Andreas Wietzke European Tax and Legal Forum
"The conference was extremely enriching. Personally, I was quite surprised how much you can take away online."
Andreas Wietzke
Partner, Mathys & Squire
Prof. Dr. Lucas Flöther European Tax and Legal Forum
"The conference featured high quality speakers and exciting insights into current topics worthy of discussion."
Prof. Dr. Lucas F. Flöther
Partner, Flöther & Wissing
Dr. Monika Wünnemann
"The event was an absolute highlight, super organized and with a very successful current topic selection."
Dr. Monika Wünnemann
Head of Department Tax and Fiscal Policy, BDI e.V.


European Tax & Legal Forum is aimed at the first and second management levels in business and administration, judges and decision-makers from consulting firms and auditing companies. Participation in the interaction opportunities for networking is exclusively open to this group of participants.

In order to promote interdisciplinary discussions of legal topics, interested parties who do not belong to the admitted circle of participants have the possibility to participate in a pure streaming.

Upon request, participants will receive a certificate for their professional further training recognised in accordance with § 15 FAO at the end of the conference.